Il Rifugio

2023 Opening dates

We will be open on: May 25th and 26th – June 1st, 2nd – every day from June 15th to September 20th. The following weekends will depend on the weather.

Rifugio G. Angelini Sora 'l Sass

Rifugio Angelini is a small, welcoming structure in perfect harmony with the landscape, positioned in a very pictoresque location on the wooded plateau of the impressive Spiz di Mezzodì.

The building originally served as a shelter for lumberjacks and shepherds and was recently renovated to become a lodge for visitors and guests.

You can get to Rifugio Angelini from the village of Forno di Zoldo driving by car to the village of Baron, then taking a hike up a narrow walking trail towards the refuge.

The best panoramic view in Val di Zoldo known as the Belvedere is a little more than an hour’s walk from the Rifugio Angelini. From this spot take some of the most spectacular Dolomitic peaks including Civetta, Pelmo, Antelao and the Bosconero peaks.

You can access several hiking trails from Rifugio Angelini on the northern side of the Spiz including the Zoldano Ring, a long hiking trail in the wonders of Val di Zoldo.

The Management

We walk together: each telling the other about his life, his dreams, his ambitions.

Who would have thought that from these lighthearted chats this adventure would start….

Four friends with the same passion: mountains, a way of life, a refuge.

Andrea and Michela decide to leave their certainties behind and give it a try thanks to the support of Alex and Cristina.

A healthy, simple and authentic management project is born: to preserve this enchanted place in the midst of wild nature.


Andrea: Tireless dreamer and sports enthusiast; he forgets bread and ingredients in order to run through the mountains
Michela: for her, cakes are the cure to every stress; simple, joyful and in love with what surrounds her


Cristina: for her, the kitchen is the laboratory of experiments, transmitting serenity even on the hardest Sundays
Alex: Forestry technician by profession but at Sora 'l Sass can sell schnapps to teetotalers: "moderator"

How to get here

The Hut is located at an altitude of 1588 meters above sea level in Val di Zoldo, and it is an excellent point of departure for discovering the Spiz di Mezzodì.

The hut can be reaches exclusively on foot, from soft to challenging hikes:

  • From Forno di Zoldo, locality Baron 851 mt: following the trail 534 to Casera di Mezzodì and the Vallon Piccolo. It takes about 1 h 45 min/ 2 h; hiking trail with a positive elevation gain of about 740 mt  from the village of Forno di Zoldo.
  • From Val Pramper, Loc. Castelaz 996 mt a.s.l. following the trail 525 to Trìol del Pisandol and Casera di Mezzodì following the trail 534. It takes about 1 hr 30 min; hiking trail with a positive elevation gain of about 600 mt.
  • Pian della Fopa 1210 m a.s.l. It takes about 1 hr 20 min (via ferrata, only for experienced trekkers); following the hiking trail 534, with a positive elevation gain of about 400 m.